Food & Drink

Café and Bar

Guests can enjoy a selection of hot and cold drinks from Roma Café or relax and unwind with a selection of beers, wines and liquors from our bar throughout the day.

Aron & Aris

Experience the finest flavours of Italy with freshly prepared steaks and fish, classic favourites such as pizza and pasta, as well as dessert specialities within our elegant and stylish dining room featuring panoramic windows overlooking our private gardens. For the full Italian experience, you can also dine al fresco in our outdoor patio and Grill area.


Enjoy the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines with our selection of freshly prepared dishes that vary according to the region and tradition they come from. Expect rich and distinct flavours when choosing from our menu of charcoal dishes, seafood specialities, roasted meats and grilled vegetables, seasoned with plenty of herbs and spices and served with rice.